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Attendees listen to speakers.
Ada Hurwit, NYSUT Director of Community Outreach Paul Webster, and Todd Hurwit
Andy and Jeanne Monin
NYSUT Social Service Specialist Ani Shahinian
More attendees
Beth Laddin and Maryann Handron
Former RC 10 Membership Director Bev Harrington and current Membership Director Davia Dymond
RC 10 President David Golden and NYSUT Retiree Services Consultant Jennifer Shaad-Derby
RC 10 Editor and Webmaster Deb Escobar, NYSUT RC 10 Delegate Bonita Maxon
Don Finelli
NYSUT Retiree Services Consultant Jennifer Shaad-Derby and NYSUT Regional Political Organizer Randy Gunther
RC 10 1st Vice President Jim Stolis and RC 10 Treasurer Paula Johannessen
RC 10 Secretary Laraine Gillette
From left Lynette Dallend, Donna Martin, Elaine Hiller
From left Nancy Reynolds and Kathy Nooney
From left, Nan Lance, Bonita Maxon, and Priscilla Mueller
Patricia Sauer and John Sittig
NYSUT Director of Constituency Programs and Services Patrick Lyons
NYSUT Second Vice President Paul Pecorale
From left, NYSUT 2nd Vice President Paul Pecorale and NYSUT Member Benefits Legal Service Plan endorsed attorney Steven Kramer
Registration table
From left, Sue Jennings, Walter Jennings, Barb McCarthy
From left, Susan, Beatrice, and Mary Arzoumanian
NYSUT ED 10 Director Tony McCann
NYSUT ED 10 Director Tony McCann and RC 10 Membership Director Davia Dymond