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RC 10 friends socialize as they wait for the event to begin
From left, Kathy Chesterfield, Diane Greco and Joan Andrejko. Kathy and Joan are Albany County honorees.
From left, Patricia Kennedy, Carole Chambers, Maureen Chiaramonte
Deb Lyman and Mary Ellen Caporta
From left, Cathy Krylowicz, Elaine Miller and Sharon Patrick
Sharon Patrick and Don Finelli
Kathleen and Herbert Sanders
New retiree George Nicholas
Washington County honoree Jerry Welcher and his wife, Gerry Welcher
Gerry Welcher and her sister, Fran Hyde
Rensselaer County honoree Doug Porter, and member Chris Dupuree
Fran and Jim Hyde
Beverly Strube and Barb McCarthy
From right, Jeanne Bush (chair of Scholarship Committee), Albany County scholarship recipeint Cailyn Toomey, and her mother
Dan Boone's family (from left), Jeff Boone, Seth Boone and Hayden Boone
RC 10 President Dave Golden, and NYSUT E.D. 10 Director Tony McCann
From left, Washington Co. Honoree Jerry Welcher, Rensselaer Co. Honoree Doug Porter, Albany County scholarship recipient Cailyn Toomey, Albany County honorees Joan Andrejko and Kathy Chesterfield, and Jeanne Bush
Dan Boone's family members, from left Dan Boone, Jeff Boone, Seth Boone, his wife Cindy Boone, Tanya Boone and Bob Callahan