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We felt like royalty as special guests for luncheon at the private Quinta of the Allen's in Porto
John and Nancy DeAngelis are served by the butler
Breathtaking view of the Duoro River
View of the Duoro River
Group photo above the Duoro River -- our first cork tree!
On the catwalk at Coimbra University -- one of the oldest in Europe
And the view!
Our two chemistry teachers -- John and Paul -- in front of the Coimbra Chemistry building
Mary Ellen couldn't get enough of those roses at the palaces we visited
And Felice couldn't get enough photos in
Lots of wine on the trip as tried by Anne, Cathy, Jeannette, Karen and Karen
Chris simply enjoyed the tasting while Fran critiqued the wine
Azulejo' (the beautiful tiles of Portugal) were everywhere -- train stations, street corners, facades of churches -- telling the story of the country
The monument to the explorers -- the ones we memorized in grade school
One of the world's finest carriage museums is found in Lisbon
A day on Salamanca, Spain. Larry and Deb in awe that the university is celebrating its 800th year
The bookstore that inspired JK Rowlings
The group explores riverside of Porto
We even had a little cabaret entertainment by Mike on the ship
And when in Lisbon, one must have a Pastel de Belem as Cathy and Jeannette are doing!