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Did you ever wish you could be easily notified by email when a new article appears on our RC 10 website?

Would you like to get immediate notice when a new trip or notice of a political action is posted on our website? You can have such notices delivered directly to your email inbox.

A “feed reader” is a program that waits for sites or news services that you have listed in the program to post new content. One of the best free “feed reader to email” services (for up to three different feed addresses) is found at It delivers ad-free updates on website posts to one or more email addresses. If you are interested in an article listed in the email and wish to read the full text, you can then click on the title to bring you directly to the website. 

To get started, simply go to the link listed above and create an account. You will need to put your first and last name, (you can leave company blank), the email address you would like to send updates to, phone (also optional), and account type - (3 feeds for free). Choose a password and confirm it.

On the next screen, under update, list the address of our RC 10 feed which is The email address you listed when creating the account should be there, but you can also list another.

On feed preferences, choose how often you would like to be updated on content. On name, put RC 10. The start time should already be filled in. You can choose whether or not to have it sent on weekends, and you can choose to have a TOC (Table of Contents) or not. Click finish. 

If you prefer to check the website yourself instead of using a feed reader, you can easily bookmark the site as a favorite. This will allow you to go back to the site without typing the address each time. In most browsers, the favorites icon is a star available in the top menu, that you click and place in a folder. Click done and you have bookmarked it. To go back to the site, click the extended menu at the top, choose bookmarks or your file folder you saved to, scroll to the website name, and click.

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