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Do you have interest in travel, and/or enjoy going on RC 10 day trips or extended tours? Do you have great ideas for destinations? If so, the Travel/Social Committee needs you! As you know, the retirees who serve the membership are volunteers. We’re fortunate to have many diligent individuals who give regularly of their talents and time. In the case of our committee, our offerings range from luncheons to one-day outings and from multiple-day outings to exciting foreign travel experiences. As you can imagine, this variety of activities requires many hands-on deck. As is the normal course of events, people serve the committee as their circumstances allow and phase out as their lives enter the next chapter. At present, we’re undergoing a significant loss of volunteers who have served our Committee admirably for many years, to the benefit of our entire membership. While we wish them well as they move on to their ‘next chapter,' we’re in need of more manpower if we’re to continue to serve our membership as we have to date. If you’ve enjoyed our activities, consider joining our Committee to help make them happen. You don’t need previous experience …. senior members of the Committee will be happy to work alongside you to show you the ropes. Start with a luncheon or an afternoon outing or a day activity. You probably have ideas of your own…if something interests you, it would most likely interest our members.

Our meetings are regularly held the third Tuesday of the month. We invite you to attend an introductory meeting on August 15, prior to our regular meeting at 9:30 AM, at NYSUT headquarters in Latham. We’d like to welcome new members at 9 AM and provide an overview, discuss how you can get involved, listen to your ideas, and familiarize you with our workings. The Committee looks forward to welcoming you! Please RSVP to Karen Maher via email to attend,

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