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The US Constitution requires Congress to count every person living in the US every ten years, including residents, non-citizens, and children. Information from the Census is used to distribute more than $700 billion in federal funds for programs such as: Medicaid, Title I, school lunches, Special Education, housing assistance, and many others. In addition, New York’s Congressional districts, state Senate, and state Assembly districts will be redrawn in 2021, based on Census data. Experts project New York could lose one—possibly two—Congressional seats, and we could lose Electoral College delegates as well. This makes it more critical than ever to count every New Yorker in the Census.

This year, with the stress that school districts and communities are under due to the COVID19 crisis, and resulting shortfalls in New York State budget funding, federal money is needed more than ever. An undercount on the census could cost New York billions in federal funding. This could be a financial crisis that could potentially cause schools to lay off staff and delete programming, including sports, art, music, all-day kindergarden, etc. We could lose money to feed hungry children in schools, disabled students may not get Medicaid services, school and public libraries might close or limit hours. Head Start programs could lose millions. IDEA and Title I funding would be cut. Maternal health and nutrition programs would also suffer.This is a time when YOUR action is CRITICAL. And all you have to do is fill out the census survey, and remind family and friends to do so as well.

For the first time, people will be able to fill out the Census survey online, by telephone, or by mail. The Census Bureau will begin sending mail to all residents in the middle of March. In the following weeks, the Census Bureau will send reminders to households that have not responded, and non-responders may be contacted at home.

NYSUT is working with other unions, community groups and like-minded organizations to spread the message. You can help by spreading the word to parents and educating others about the need to count all New Yorkers, especially children, in the Census. Spread the word via social media using #CountMeIn or #NYSUTCounts, and also talk about it with your community groups.

It is not too late! Go to now. For more information, go to, where you can pledge to complete your own Census form and easily share to Facebook or Twitter.


“It’s Our Voice, Make It Count!”