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RC 10 is in need of a person to fill the very important position of Treasurer, as soon as possible. Perhaps you might be interested, or might know someone else who would be a perfect fit for this crucial office.

At the August Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved the following motion: In recognition of the time-consuming tasks performed by the Retiree Council 10 volunteer treasurer, Paula Johannessen moved that the Board of Directors provide an annual stipend of $6,000 to the treasurer. The treasurer will have the right of refusal. This motion should be reviewed annually.

While a working knowledge of QuickBooks would be a plus, most treasurers in the last few years have learned the program after they took office. The treasurer’s responsibilities require an average of 20-25 hours per month and include:





Record and deposit monthly checks for membership, scholarship, and travel/social registration fees

Record and prepare checks for invoices and reimbursements for Board of Directors expenses

Monthly bank reconciliation

Attend the monthly Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings


Record and prepare checks for scholarship recipients

Monthly financial reports for the Board of Directors

Work cooperatively with members of the Board of Directors


Record and prepare checks for buses and deposits for social/travel events

Annual report on income and disbursements for travel/social events

Bi-annual meeting with the accountant for updating of QuickBooks and tax preparation




Secure members, prepare financial records, and coordinate the annual audit

If you are interested in the Treasurer’s position, please contact Laraine Gillette at this email address: nysutrc10@gmail.com OR rc10secretary@hotmail.com. Paula Johannessen would be able to answer any questions you have.