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“Learning in school doesn’t always come easy for everyone, but special people—teachers, coaches, counselors—along the way can make a difference in the success of their students.” RC 10’s Social Justice committee is pleased to highlight George, who wished to use his first name only,

From his personal account, George didn’t find school easy. However, thanks to his ability in sports, and some great teacher-coaches, he persisted, learned strategies, and remained motivated to reach his goal of achieving a college degree in Secondary Math Education. After college graduation, George worked for fifteen years as a restaurant and retail manager. As years passed, it became clear to him that he wanted to help others whether it be with math skills, job skills, or more importantly, life skills. George pursued this path and went on to become a certified Math and Special Education teacher. For the next twenty-two years, he educated and guided students at Capital Region BOCES programs from Scotia-Glenville Elementary to Guilderland and Mohonasen High Schools. “Life is ironic.” George also served as an adjunct professor in the Education Department at the College of Saint Rose. As a young student who faced academic struggles, George now taught future teachers strategies to help their students facing some of the same challenges.

Since retirement and prior to the pandemic, George had tutored privately and at Schenectady County Community College where he helped students of all ages in math. George’s wife, Kim, who is a private fencing instructor for adults and students, came home and spoke about how she had heard about a child who had received a Food Bank BackPack at school on Fridays. The student had asked if he could get another backpack for his younger siblings. The family never had enough food on the weekends. The child’s story touched their hearts. George and Kim have supported RC 10’s Food Bank’s BackPack Program throughout the pandemic when the needs were tremendous. Now, as the world has opened its doors again, George volunteers time every week at the Regional Food Bank’s warehouse where sorting and distribution of products to pantries and schools occurs.

Along with giving back to our local community, George enjoys history, reading, helping with grandchildren, and traveling.

“Just knowing after a career in teaching, the RC 10 organization is here, holds us together professionally and offers support connecting us to one another in so many ways means a lot.” Thank you for your service, George!

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