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As a part of the 2015 Education Transformation Act, beginning July 1, 2016, all permanently or professionally certified teachers or educational leaders and Level III teaching assistant certificate holders will be required to register with SED in the month of his/her birth. This registration process will be done using the State Education Department's TEACH system. These certificate holders will be required to register every five (5) years thereafter. There is no fee for registration unless the certificate holder fails to complete the process by his/her deadline. Late fees will not be charged for the first five year registration period, but after the first five years there will be a late fee of $10/month if the deadline is missed.

NYSUT recommends you create your TEACH system account NOW. This is an online password protected account that takes significant time to create. You must have a personal email address to list in the TEACH system. Creation of an account now will make it easier to register when SED creates the forms. To access the TEACH system, click on the link below:

If you are retired and not working in a public school or BOCES? Then you DO NOT need to register. But if you want to teach in a public school or BOCES, substitute teach, score state exams, etc., within the next five years, then you should register.

Registering has no bearing on your permanent certificate(s) -- a permanent certificate is still a lifetime certificate. Permanent certificate holders do NOT need to complete Continuing Teacher & Leader (CTLE) hours.

For more information, go to and see #5 of the FAQ.

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