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 Retirees have special interests in fighting to protect retirement pensions and quality health care, and can donate to NYSUT actions that will help to do so.                                                                                                                          

VOTE/COPE is the political action fund of NYSUT and its affiliates. Voluntary donations given by active and retired NYSUT members support union-backed political candidates and campaign committees that are helping to advance national as well as state and local education and union issues. You can fight to protect public education, health care, labor rights, and fairness for working families and retirees by donating to this fund. You can donate online by using your NYSUT member number to log onto:

and click on the VOTE-COPE Online Donations button.

If you prefer, contact your council president for a VOTE/COPE Pension Deduction Authorization Card that will take small monthly donations from your NYSTRS pension check.

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