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Archive of RC 10 Articles


The Alliance for Retired Americans is asking us to join in an action to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Congressional Republicans are already making moves to cut these vital programs that are so essential to the health and welfare of retirees. During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump made promises to protect these programs, and assured voters that there would be no cuts. We are asking Americans everywhere to call Donald Trump on January 23, and ask that he honor his campaign promises by publicly promising to veto any cuts to earned retirement and health care benefits.




NYSUT members and retirees support the Honeywell picket line in May.

On May 9, Honeywell locked out 41 workers from the UAW Local 1508 in Green Island, NY and another 351 workers in South Bend, IN after the union and management could not find agreement on contract negotiations. The most distasteful aspects of the Honeywell proposed contract included very high increase to both deductibles and co-pays on health insurance, no supplemental employment insurance, elimination of personal days, elimination of pensions, no cost of living increases, elimination of seniority provisions, changes in


The NYSUT Action Center has sent the following message:

"Racist Carl Paladino has no business setting education policy for our kids.

As a member of the Buffalo School Board - in a majority minority school district, no less! - Carl Paladino has proven time and again that his own biases won't allow the business of that board to proceed without distraction. He clearly lacks the moral authority to be involved in setting education policy for our children, and it is time for him to be removed from the school board once and for all.

Take action now to sign the grassroots petition to REMOVE



Have you been upset about the voucher and charter agenda of Betsy DeVos, Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education? Do you feel that our state and nation has to give equal resources to schools that are underfunded and labeled as "failures"? Are you sick of teachers being scapegoated for everything that goes wrong in schools? Stand up with NYSUT for a day of action on January 19, the day before the Trump inauguration. Read the following notice from NYSUT and sign up for action:


RC 10 members have the opportunity to nominate their choices to run for officers of our council. The election will take place in June of 2017. Please download the following general notice and nomination form and mail it to Bob DeMarco, 66 Cobble Hill Drive, Gansevoort, NY 12831 no later than April 1, 2017.



Travel with RC 10 on May 24, 2017 and indulge yourself with shopping, a show, or a visit to a museum in "The Big Apple." If you want to visit the 911 Museum, you must send for tickets ahead of time. Upstate Travel will leave from Saratoga Mall (on the left side of Dick’s by light pole 2) at 6:30 am; Latham at Latham Farms in front of Sam’s Club at 7 am; Albany at Crossgates Commons lower level of Walmart’s at 7:30 a.m. Stops in NYC will be made at Bryant Park (Sixth Avenue at West 42 Street) and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 Fifth Avenue) around 11 am.


At 12:00 pm on November 2, 2016, the members of IUE CWA went on strike at Momentive Performance Materials in Waterford, NY. These workers are fighting for a fair and equitable contract. The company’s “Last Best Final Offer” would drastically raise workers’ health care costs and eliminate all retirement benefits for future retirees.

Further, the potential unskilled replacement workers the company is hiring from out of state, to do the work of the over 700 highly trained members of IUE CWA puts the plant, the products produced at the plant, and the safety of the community at risk.



RC 10 will be enjoying a three course meal at the Caterina de'Medici Restaurant at the Culinary Institute of America, on June 6th. The restaurant offers authentic regional Italian cuisine in a Tuscan villa setting. You will think you traveled to Italy!

Due to requests, and the fact that it has been eight years since we scheduled a tour of the CIA complex, a one hour guided tour has been set up prior to our seating for lunch. This year we are doing this tour, instead of the Walkway over the Hudson. 

The menu for our feast will include three courses. The first course will be "Asparagi E Riccia,"


The appointment of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary would be devastating to public education. DeVos has been a champion of charters, online schools, and vouchers, using her money and influence in Michigan to divert education tax dollars to schools with absolutely no accountability or transparency. 

NYSUT's Karen Magee wrote about the effect the DeVos appointment would have on our schools here:

Please do not forget to visit the Member Action Center and sign the petition to say NO to Betsy DeVos.




Unfortunately, RC 10 lost three of our most involved members during the last year. Those who strive to make a difference in the world, who love and are loved by those around them, are never really gone. Their impact is felt long after they have left us. We can choose to honor their memories in ways that continue their legacy.

We previously announced the passing of Dan Boone, who long served RC 10 in many capacities including as a delegate to the NYSUT Representative Assembly, a longstanding member of our Travel and Social Committee, and a representative for retirees at both the NYSUT