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Publications and Reports

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March 16, 2022   ED 51 Meeting (Virtually) 10:00 to 1:00

Attended by Barb McCarthy, Jane Weihe, Deb Escobar, Bonnie Maxon, and Ruth Shippee

Welcome from Loretta Donlon-ED 51 Director

Ron Gross: NYSUT working in the world crisis

  • Masks are coming off. They will be optional.  They will revisit if numbers spike.
  • RA will be in person.  Masks will be optional.  No testing requirement.  There will be a socially distanced option by request.
  • 50th anniversary at this convention.  Movie will be shown and it will be available for future use by our council.  Also 30th anniversary of Retiree Councils
  • Union for


NYSUT President Andrew Pallotta speaks to Committee of 100, March 2, 2020. Photo from NYSUT photostream.

RC 10 members Bonnie Maxon, Vince Pelliccia, Priscilla Mueller and Deb Escobar attended the NYSUT Committee of 100 on March 2-3, 2020. The reports are as follows:

Representatives were treated to talks from NYSUT officials including President Andrew Pallotta and others. Pallotta discussed the “Fund Our Future” NYSUT bus which is traveling across the state, a positive image for our union. He stated that the Governor is taking notice and people are paying attention that schools are not