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Note: This trip, scheduled for September 7-19, 2019, filled so quickly that it was decided to offer a second trip that will take place on SEPTEMBER 8-20. The second trip is now filled as well.
Has Iceland been on your bucket list? Now is the time to sign up, as this exciting and fascinating country is quickly becoming a popular destination.
Join with other RC10 members in this small group, exclusive for RC10 (14 – 20 participants) thirteen-day adventure offered by Overseas Adventure Travel, (moderate activity level program). After two days exploring Reykjavik, we’ll head north to the


Undiscovered gems--beautiful and historic beyond imagination.

Set sail by small ship* through the crystal water of the Northern Adriatic Sea to medieval villages, hidden coves and the picturesque coastlines of Croatia and 3 nights in postcard-perfect Slovenia. Learn how communities of the Northern Adriatic have been linked through history as you explore ancient white-stone streets constructed by the Romans and marvel at towering mountains, picturesque lakes, and striking Venetian Gothic architecture. Understand the influence of the past as you discover ruins of ancient



By Deb Escobar, 20 October 2018

At the October 11th RC 10 Fall Meeting, members were treated to a workshop on Reversing Runaway Inequality, led by Charlie Albanetti of Citizen Action New York.

We were astonished to learn the true facts about income inequality, including that a top CEO makes 794 times the amount of an average worker. The gap becomes even worse when you consider race and gender. For example, Black women make only 64% of what white men make, and Latina women only 54%. This disparity leads to a lack of wealth that could have been used to pay for higher education, purchase homes



Boston: Edward M. Kennedy (EMK) Institute and JFK Library and Museum Tours with Visit to Eataly and Shops at the Prudential Center (Pru), Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Participate in live action on the Senate floor during the EMK Institute’s simulated Senate Chamber Programs. Walk next door to experience multimedia exhibits in the self-guided tour through JFK’s life and his presidency. The JFK tour is self-directed. A guide will be provided at the EMK Institute.

The final stop on our trip will be the Prudential Center. Choose your activities from a number of possibilities. Visit Eataly, a foodie’s