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Livestream program commemorates Black History Month

NYSUT’s Many Threads, One Fabric social justice initiative presented an online event this week to mark Black History Month. Hosted by Secretary-Treasurer Philippe Abraham, it focused on the unique struggles underrepresented groups face with regard to mental health and wellness in the United States. Other highlights included award presentations to BHM honorees, testimonials from NYSUT members and artistic expressions from students and community partners.

Take action! Urge




At the recent Committee of 100, Andy Pallotta stated, “They tried to kill us, and we got stronger.” He went on to say that working together, retiree and in-service members made 300,000 phone calls and broke $11 million in Vote Cope contributions. These contributions enabled political action that helped to flip the House of Representatives and our NY State Senate. Contributions also helped the efforts of NYSUT in-service teachers and NYSUT retirees as they ran for school boards, town, county, and State offices.

Vote Cope contributions have a great impact on education




Pharmacists interact with patients every day. But did you know they also take vital signs and counsel patients in retail pharmacy mini-clinics, speak with doctors to clarify their prescriptions and discuss coverage for patient medications with health insurance providers?

They do and they're trained for it by people who help student pharmacy interns practice their interaction and communication skills under the watchful eyes of pharmacy college professors.

The Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences needs people to be Standardized Participants (SP), "actors" to


We knew this moment was coming.

Wealthy special interests have been fighting for years to undercut unions and roll back the benefits earned by working families. Today’s Supreme Court decision in Janus vs. AFSCME shows how far they are willing to go to attack working families. Anti-union forces think they can seize this opportunity to convince our members to abandon our union in an effort to diminish their voice in the workplace and weaken their strength at the bargaining table.

We are going to prove them wrong.

NYSUT fights to protect the collective bargaining rights that help secure higher